Over 100 years of history

Our church was founded in 1892 and was the first church in the town of Peoria. We have been a member of the Presbyterian denomination since our original founding families from Peoria, Illinois, settled here. Over the years, the Lord has added to our church family. Expansions and improvements of our buildings and grounds are a testimony to the talents and dedication of our members
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AJ Langston Dec - 9 - 2016 Newsletter

Mrs. Jennie Mann was called home to her eternal rest on November 30, 1921; you will remember she was one of the founding forces of our church.  The Rev. C. […]

AJ Langston Dec - 8 - 2016 Newsletter

WE HAVE NEW CHURCH OFFICERS At the special meeting of the congregation on November 20th, new officers were elected to serve us.  All of them have been ordained, so all […]

AJ Langston Dec - 7 - 2016 Pastor's Message
AJ Langston Dec - 6 - 2016 Newsletter

Christmas Is Christmas is not about gifts and toys It’s the time when people rejoice Christmas is not about food and drinks It’s not about this world as everybody thinks. […]

AJ Langston Dec - 5 - 2016 Newsletter

I was cutting up a watermelon for coffee hour and put some into two, one quart containers which were originally for cottage cheese.  I was doing this for two ladies […]

AJ Langston Dec - 4 - 2016 Weekly Sermon
AJ Langston Dec - 1 - 2016 Weekly Sermon
AJ Langston Nov - 27 - 2016 Weekly Sermon
AJ Langston Nov - 23 - 2016 Mission
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