Over 100 years of history

Our church was founded in 1892 and was the first church in the town of Peoria. We have been a member of the Presbyterian denomination since our original founding families from Peoria, Illinois, settled here. Over the years, the Lord has added to our church family. Expansions and improvements of our buildings and grounds are a testimony to the talents and dedication of our members
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AJ Langston Aug - 8 - 2016 Newsletter

It has been a wonderful summer. Nine weeks of water play, movie days, science and art. I thank all of my teachers for providing a loving and fun environment for […]

AJ Langston Aug - 8 - 2016 Newsletter

In last month’s newsletter I explained in some detail what interim ministers do. If you haven’t read it, I hope you’ll look at now. It’s on our website. An interim […]

AJ Langston Aug - 8 - 2016 Newsletter

About once a year, the Presbytery Records Review Committee examines the Session minute book and the register (roll book). The minute book contains minutes of the Session meetings including decisions […]

AJ Langston Aug - 8 - 2016 Newsletter

THE PRELUDE Several years ago, there was a phone in the room where the choir assembles, before the start of worship. I am not sure why the phone was removed, […]

AJ Langston Aug - 8 - 2016 Newsletter

As we approach the church’s 125th Anniversary, I thought it might be appropriate to look at the ministers/pastors who have led this congregation through all these years.  As I researched, […]

AJ Langston Aug - 8 - 2016 Newsletter

For the past year, Lester has been saying he hopes to make it to maturity on July 23, 2016. Well, he made it on his walker and worn out eyes, […]

AJ Langston Jul - 6 - 2016 Newsletter

HART PANTRY needs your help to get 100 at-risk teens ready to return to or begin High School on August 10th. We will be serving Peoria High School, Raymond Kellis […]

AJ Langston Jul - 5 - 2016 Newsletter

We are pleased to inform you of First Presbyterian Church of Peoria’s newly appointed Elders; Mr. Seth O’Kelly and Mrs. Shannon Langston.   Please read each of their biographies below […]

AJ Langston Jul - 4 - 2016 Newsletter

We are starting our 6th week of summer camp.  The children are really enjoying all the water days, movie days, science and art days.  When the weather cools off just […]

AJ Langston Jul - 3 - 2016 Newsletter

June’s Newsletter announced our newest church members.  However, Cathy Calderon was not mentioned.  This error was of course, unintentional.  Cathy, please accept my personal apology and Welcome to First Presbyterian […]