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February is a special month here at the preschool. It’s a time for the kiddos to learn about love and friendship. We will be talking in chapel time about God’s love for us and how God wants us to be kind to one another. This month we will be talking about pets, friendship, snow, health and nutrition.

Since we are talking about pets this month, we were thinking about a class pet for the preschool. It would help teach responsibility and team work. We’ll keep you posted.

We are also thinking of making a garden for the preschool in the flower box. Any donations for the garden would be great or volunteering to help with the garden would be much appreciated.

The preschool is in NEED of age appropriate books to read and magazines for art and cutting practice.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers for the preschool.

February Birthdays! Ms. Sunshine ~ 20th

Best Regards,
Sunshine Tinker, Preschool Director

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