A Peoria Presbyterian is honored

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​For a better understanding of my article, The Presbytery of The Grand Canyon is the group of Presbyterian Churches from just north of Casa Grande (this includes the Indian churches on the Pima Reservation) to the southern Utah state line. From Yuma to the New Mexico west state line).​Every year, the Presbytery sponsors a recognition program and luncheon to honor a single person or a married couple, 70 years of age or older. This is the 33rd Senior Service event. Members are selected for the service in their church and community.

​This year, SENIOR SERVICE AWARD HONOREE FORM PEORIA PRESBYTERIAN IS; CLEO (HOLLY) BURKETT. Cleo joined Peoria Presbyterian as a young girl in the late 1940’s or early 1950’s. In 2010, after her husband passed away, Cleo moved back to Peoria from Youngstown, Ohio. In her early years, she helped in Bible School and was active in youth group. Cleo is an ordained Elder, has served on Session and has been a member of Session committees. Cleo was a member of our Hand Bell Choir and the Chancel Choir until recently, when she turned in her car keys, which some of should follow the same move. Cleo has now moved into Amathest Garden Independent Living facility, north of Bell Road.  

​For Cleo’s community service, in her younger years, she was the head drum majorette at Peoria High School. She volunteered for the Southwest Animal Shelter, caring for small animals. Cleo also helped ion a soup kitchen preparing ford to the needy.

​We are honored to have Cleo receive this award from Peoria Presbyterian. She was honed at a luncheon on March 30th, along with other honorees. Each honoree is singled out and recognized with a script of their accomplishments and read at the luncheon. This was held at Valley Presbyterian in Scottsdale.


 ​​​​​Your Church Family,

​​​​​Ken Johnson, Clerk of Session

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