Annual Congregational meeting

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The Annual of the Congregation was held after worship January 27th in the sanctuary. Thee was a good attendance which was appreciated.

Elder Seth O’Kelly presented the following names for nomination to the office of Deacon; Pam Osgood, Carol Spiegelhoff, and Marilyn McKinney for a three year term and Megan McBride for a one year term. Marilyn and Megan

became members of P.P.C. December 23rd and are ordained Deacons from the Glen Shaw Valley Presbyterian Church in Glen Shaw, Pennsylvania. When they joined I told them they needed to get “their feet wet” before we put them to work. Before the meeting today, we needed two Deacons for nomination so I asked Marilyn and Megan if they were willing to serve. “Yes, I would be willing to serve.” You folks do not know how happy I was (am) with a response from the “new kids on the block”.

Going off of the Deacons is Joy Foster after serving the maximum tern of six years then one must be off for one year. Ruth Langford has one more year left of the three year term but finds it necessary to resign. Pam and Carol have served three years and are eligible to serve three more years. A huge Thank You to Joy, Ruth, Carol, and Pam for their service as a Deacon at P.P.C.

Elected to office of Ruling Elder all for a three year term were Donna Davis, Shannon Langston, and Seth O’Kelly. Donna Davis has been off for one year. Shannon and Keith are reelected for another three years. Also a huge Thank You to Donna, Shannon, and Seth for their service as an Elder at P.P.C.

Elected from the congregation at large to serve on the 2019 church nominating committee were Pat Powles and Sheila Kyer. An Elder and a Deacon will be selected to also serve. And a huge Thank You to Pat and Sheila for their service at P.P.C.

Since the church is incorporated, we are required to have a Board of Trustees per the Arizona Corporation Commission. The members of Session also serve as Trustees for P.P.C. The work load is still the same as serving on Session but to make it legal for the State of Arizona, we have Trustees.

The annual meeting today is the only meeting of the congregation that anyone can bring up any concern of the church. At a special meeting of the congregation only items on the agenda may be discussed. A few items were brought up in the life of the church but required no action.

The 2019 budget and the financial report were discussed. Session sets the budget, and the discussion was peaceful. I have seen a meeting where the discussion got a little “hot” and would go for maybe a couple of hours.

The church organization’s annual reports were presented and received. The Clerk reported, as of January 1, 2019, membership total is 138. A copy of the reports is on file with the Clerk’s records.

It is required by the State of Arizona and (or) the General Assembly for the church organization’s financial books to be audited annually. The Auditors reported that the organization’s financial book were in good order. Thank you Ethel McCarty, Lisa O’Kelly, Pam Osgood, and Rita McElwain for being our Auditors. It is appreciated.

Today, the meeting went smooth and was done in a good period of time.

Thank you everyone for a good meeting. We were glad you were here.

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