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New Church Officers

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At the special meeting of the congregation on November 20th, new officers were elected to serve us.  All of them have been ordained, so all that is needed is to install them when Pastor Terry can find a Sunday for the installation.  For Elders, Mickey Gilsdorf was elected for a two year term.  Having served for one year, this gets her on a schedule of a total of three years which works for the best, if possible.  Linda Maxwell having been off of session for one year, after serving six consecutive years is eligible for reelection for a three year term, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

For Deacons, all were eligible for reelection for a three year term.  Serving us are Ruth Langford, Katrina Guy, and Cathy Langston.

For the 2017 church nominating committee, elected from the congregation are Sheila Kyer and Shannon Langston.  Session will elect the chairperson and Deacons will select one or two Deacons.  Unless, we have a resignation of Session or Deacons, the nominating committee usually does not get busy until fall, September.

Congratulations to all and THANK YOU FOR GIVING OF YOUR TIME AND TALENT.  It is all appreciated!

Ken Johnson

Clerk of Session

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Christmas is

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Christmas Is

Christmas is not about gifts and toys

It’s the time when people rejoice

Christmas is not about food and drinks

It’s not about this world as everybody thinks.

Christmas is about everlasting love

It’s thanking the Lord for what we all have

Christmas is about sharing and family

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Do not let your eyes deceive you

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I was cutting up a watermelon for coffee hour and put some into two, one quart containers which were originally for cottage cheese.  I was doing this for two ladies who wanted a ride for Al Rodriguez’s celebration of his life service.  I get in trouble from one of my twins for saving used containers.  “Dad, go buy some Tupperware.”  Our children don’t understand how poor their parents are.  I was even born without shoes.  So, it is against my judgment to go buy three containers at the 99 cent store and throw away the cottage cheese containers.

The ladies were waiting for me as I arrived near the fellowship hall.  I had the large green container of watermelon and the two, one quart cottage cheese containers, ready to go into the refrigerator until we returned from the service.  I thought I had told the ladies that the containers were full of watermelon for them.

We went onto the service.  As we were leaving, I asked the ladies to remind me to get their watermelon from the fridge at the fellowship hall when we got back.  They questioned me, “What watermelon?  We helped carry in cottage cheese from the 99 cent store.”   I explained that was only the label on the container.  We got a good laugh from the misunderstanding.  They got their watermelon and


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