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Unfortunately, I missed the first part of the meeting because of some assistance with irrigation my neighbor was in need of, due to his nearly blind eyesight condition.  Most of the action took place before I had arrived and I thank Larry Cary for taking the meeting minutes up until I had gotten there.

As usual, we have our special meeting of the congregation in November to elect Elders, Deacons, and two members of the congregation to serve on the 2017 nominating committee.  This is the only business for the meeting as stated in the call.  The date is November 20, 2017 following worship.  Any other business or concerns can be brought up at the regular meeting which is usually the last of January giving time to get the treasurer’s books closed out and ready for a report.  Any concern may be brought up.  We hope they are positive, but if negative, WE WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT.  Annual reports are due by December 31, except the treasurer’s and the auditor’s.  Some reports can be turned in before the 31st, as business is already completed.  So, lets make it easy on our faithful secretary and not wait until the last minute.

On November 13, 2016 at 3:00 PM, the Singers of the Southwest Choral group will give a concert of traditional sacred music in our church, as described in detail on page 5, of this newsletter. 

We have two new members, Steve and Sabrina Burt.  Look for more information about them in this newsletter.

The Pastor’s Deacons’ and all committee reports were received.

The next Session Meeting is November 14th at 5:00 PM.

Ken Johnson, Clerk of Session

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Remembering Al Rodriguez, III

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Some of us may not have known, young Al.  He did not come to church every Sunday, but he called P.P.C., HIS CHURCH.  His daughters came with their grandparents, Al and Irma.  They were the two who always wore, “Easter Hats”.

Young Al was good help when his dad and I put up the iron fence from the sanctuary to the fellowship hall.  On the now, vacant dirt lot to the west of the fellowship hall, there was a palm tree stump sticking up out of the ground about a foot high.  I took two of my John Deere’s to the stump, thinking it would be out and on top of the ground.  WRONG, too many feeder roots.  I asked Al if he could help dig down about a foot.  He, (we) did this so I could get a chain on it.  Today, you no longer see that stump.

Al was hospitalized for a serious infection he had contracted, which quickly resulted in his death.  He passed away on October 5th.  His services were on October 22, at a church in west Phoenix, where the Pastor is Al’s sister-in-law’s, mother.     

As I had written in a previous newsletter, live each day to the fullest and do not go to bed angry, because we do not know what the new day may bring.


ADIOS AMIGO (Good-bye Friend)

Señor, Ken Johnson

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Fellowship Time

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I have noticed at the after worship coffee, cookie, cake, popcorn or watermelon hour in the fellowship hall, sometimes a table has one or two people seated there and talking, just “watching” the crowd.  Sometimes, it is “more fun” to sit with someone that we have known for years, but the only way we are going to know one another is to occupy the empty chair at their table and “break the ice”.

Recently, I did just that.  I asked, “What did you do when you were working?”  The person(s) told me about it.  We had a good visit exchanging information on our vocations and other news and views.  I started to leave the table and go sit with my and I was told, “Sit down.”  I did and we talked some more.  When I DID GET UP, the goodies were put away and I was going to load up later, but that was okay, because I have had my share in the past.  Just ask Keith Spiegelhoff, because “eagle eyes Keith” watches every time I get up out of my chair and head for the serving counter.  But the visit was worth going without.

  At worship so often se say, “Hi, how are you?” and “Glad to see ya.”  To get /keep members, we need to make our new people know and feel welcomed and needed, in which they are. 

  End of Sermon, Ken                  

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Mission Committee

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Peoria Presbyterian Church Mission Committee is joining with the Sun City Mid-Week Lions Club to collect used eye glasses, hearing aids and cell phones.

The LIONS RECYCLE FOR SIGHT program has been around for many years and has afforded sight to countless individuals who otherwise would remain sight impaired.

Your Mission Committee has placed a collection box in the NARTHEX for your convenience. Please check those drawers, desks and other hiding places and donate your eye glasses, old hearing aids and cell phones to this very good cause.

We are reaching out to help others in our community and through the LIONS internationally.

Thank You,

The Mission Committee

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The bell

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What am I referring to?  The only bell that most of you know of, is the one in the steeple and most of you have never seen it.  You’ve only heard it.  I DO NOT want to go up in the steeple again, because it is too scary getting up through the ceiling.

Many of our church family in earlier years were farmers and had cows to milk, calves and chickens to feed, and finally the farmer go to eat.  He maybe had time for only a five second “shower” with a can of talcum powder. 

Sunday School started at 9:45 with close to a hundred in attendance.  Many of the stores were closed.  There weren’t any little league ball games, boat or car races and no Race for the Cure.  So, about the only thing to do or go to, was Sunday School.  Now, I know that some stayed home to read the “funnies”, but the majority showed up for Sunday School and Worship.

Before I was born in 1934, our church had a ball team and in order to play on the team, you had to go to Sunday School. 

It might be worth trying it again, if there are other churches with teams.

We did not have the Christian Ed. Building until about 1964 and Sunday School classes were crowded into the back of the sanctuary, which is now the choir room.  About 1947 or 48, we purchased a World War II barracks building that took some of the crowd from the brick building.  Someone (usually a youth wanting to get out of class) was assigned at 10:45 to take the silver colored bell about the size of a coffee cup (you see them now on store or shop counters) and go to each class and with the palm of the hand, strike the top button a couple of times.  With worship at 11:00, this gave time for a potty break (T.M.I.) and be seated in the pew at 11, when the steeple bell rang.

Some of our equipment is gone now.  Someone cleaned house and disposed of things the “we did not need” any longer, but the little ding a ling bell sits on a cabinet in the choir room, if you want to go and slap the button.

                             Ken Johnson

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I had written articles about the Christy family in the September and October CHATTER.  I wrote about their part in keeping our rooms clean and looking nice.

I saw Barbara about the middle of September and one of our Deacons was also there, at her bed side.  This was not a good day for Barbara.  She was not talking.  This is when I went home and wrote the article on how the eight Christy’s (six children), always kept our rooms so clean.  I wanted Barbara to read it while she was still with us, because after death, it is too late.  The next day, I went back to see Barbara.  Her two daughters, son- in-law, and another Deacon, was at her bedside.  A little late, another Deacon and Pastor Terry took communion to her.  This was a good day for Barbara because she was smiling and talking.  After I left, her daughters read my article (the one in the October CHATTER) and she enjoyed it.  A long story short, that is why I am not going into detail about Barbara in this article.

Barbara passed away in the early hours of September 29th. 





With Loving Memories from your P.P.C. family,

Ken Johnson

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Remembering Karen Postma

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wood-man-people-men-largeJohn and Karen Postma would show up to 
P.P.C about the first Sunday of December, from their summer home in Sequim, Washington. 

Karianne and I, along with our children would include them into our family holiday feasts, including an early Christmas breakfast and later that day for Christmas dinner.   These dinner invitations always extended to Easter , Birthday Parties or just a foursome meal.  Karen would ask, ‘What can I bring?”  We told her nothing, just come.  But, she did not listen to us.  Karen was a good cook and especially a good baker.  As I mentioned, she always brought something which was okay with me, because I hoped there would be some leftover, for me.  There usually was, but not for long.  She or they would also bring a floral arrangement for the table.

Shortly before they left for Sequim, last Spring, Karen was diagnosed with cancer.  They were anxious to get home for a cancer treatment center or doctor in Sequim.  Over the past few months, she told us she was trying to do yard work while sitting on a chair and the game that she loved so much, golf, was put on hold.

John called us with the news that we did not want to hear.  Karen passed away on October 21st.  No other information is available at this time.  In November, John and a friend are planning to come to Arizona to clear out their NICE mobile home.

When Karianne and I would travel to Whidbey Island, it was a custom to cross Puget Sound on the ferry and spend the day with John and Karen.  They were such good hosts.  They came to see us in Oak Harbor, on our last trip to Whidbey.

You can tell by my thoughts of how much the whole Johnson family and all of the P.P.C. family loved John and Karen.  They were (John still is) affiliate members here at P.P.C.  An affiliate receives the same love and welcome as a member except has no vote in a  meeting.

Their address in Sequim is in the directory.  John, we love you for being such a good caregiver for Karen.  It will be hard this winter to see the second pew without John and Karen’s smiling faces.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR YEARS WITH US AT P.P.C.

Karen’s pain and suffering is over and she is at peace with our Lord.  Gone from this earth, but Not Forgotten!

With all of our love from the P.P.C. family,

Ken Johnson

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Oh, The Places You Will Go

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coins-currency-investment-insuranceAny of you who have grandchildren will recognize the words above, taken from Dr. Seuss’s remarkable children’s book (although I confess I like it for myself.)

We will be celebrating the 125th anniversary of our church next April.  With apologies to Dr. Seuss I could say, “Oh the places we have been.”  But our best years are ahead, so the places we will go are thrilling.

In our stewardship campaign this November we will emphasize our faith in the future of this church.  Every dollar we give to FPC Peoria is a vote for our future. 

I trust you will give more generously than you’ve ever given before.  A strong stewardship campaign is a compelling sign for those who might be considering a call to be your permanent pastor.

As you might have learned already, this church is in the best financial condition it’s been in for a few years.  We might even end the year in the black, which makes our Session very happy.  Let me just thank all of you who have stepped up to the plate in this interim period and given your time, talent and treasure.   Parting words from Dr. Seuss:

“Congratulations! Today is your day,
You’re off to Great Places!
You’re off and away!
Your mountain is waiting.
So…get on your way.”

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