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New home for HART Pantry

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NEW HOME FOR HART PANTRY As of September 16th HART PANTRY will have moved the pantry and its operations to the LIONS FOUNDATION CAMPUS at 9451 north 99th Avenue in Sun City. The property will afford us multiple rooms with outside access and close-by vehicle loading. We will be able to house the actual pantry separate from the large area for loading the bags.

We have had a very positive response from our volunteers who for a long time have made do with very close work space. Eve’s Place has been a great partner and provided for us for 5 years but we have grown beyond their capability to house our operation. Of course we will continue our partnership with Eve’s and their advocates. HART PANTRY has had growth in both the number of schools we are now serving and our donor base. We have been successful in being awarded several grants and continue a close relationship with our community, churches, corporate sponsors and local governments.

Our “back-to-school” event was a major success; we presented our schools with 140 filled backpacks as well as 100 individual empty new backpacks to 2 elementary schools. Our next project will be our Christmas gift drive. Looking forward to helping as many at-risk and homeless teens as we can in the coming months and hoping GOD will continue to bless our efforts.

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HART Panrty news

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Attention all of you creative craft people and super cooks and Bakers!!!!

PEORIA PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH has again this year been invited to participate in the HERITAGE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH HOLIDAY FUND RAISER FOR THE AT-RISK TEENS SERVED BY HART PANTRY. As in past years Heritage provides the space, advertising, silent auction, and other activities. We at Peoria are invited to send our baked goodies and craft items to be sold at the event.

The Place: HERITAGE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, 5830 w. Greenbriar Drive, Glendale, AZ November 5, 2017 10:30AM I will have more info going forward.


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Session News

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Perhaps the most joyful news from the September 11th, Session meeting, the church is to the good as of August 31st. THANK YOU DONNA DAVIS, OUR CHURCH TREASURER, FOR HER ALWAYS DETAILED REPORT.

The Clerk reported the Session minute book and the member roll book were recently examined by the Presbytery Review of Records Committee and approved with no exceptions. This is done about once a year. Elder O’Kelly was named the chairman of the 2017 church nominating committee. The committee will get busy shortly to seek nominations for Elders to serve on Session, for Deacons, and two from the congregation to serve on the 018 church nominating committee. THANK YOU SETH FOR SAYING YES TO A JOB THAT SOME OF US “RUN” FROM. Serving with Seth are two members fro the congregation and one Deacon.

Session approved of the youth (Christian Ed. Committee) to sell coupon books again this year as a fund raiser. The Christmas Joy Offering is to be observed this year in December. The offering goes to help retired paid Presbyterian workers whose retirement funds do not keep up with today’s inflation.

Future events-youth Christmas pageant December 3rd; December 10th, the Bell Choir will bring us special music; and December 17th is the Chancel Choir’s cantata. Christmas Eve falls on Sunday this year. THERE WILL ONLY BE ONE Christmas Eve SERVICE with communion at 7:00 PM. It is hard to focus on December activities with temperatures in the triple digits at the time of this writing. In a few months one might hear, “Its is freezing this morning, I will be glad when it warms up.”

Kenneth P. Johnson Clerk of Session

Next Session meeting is October 9th at 5:30PM

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Trunk or treat

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Trunk or Treat – Get ready for our 2nd annual PPC Trunk or Treat event on Saturday October 28th at 4:30. Decorate your trunk or just come as you are to hand out treats and enjoy fellowship with our youth to create a safe Halloween experience for all. Games for all ages afterward and prices for the best dressed trunk!

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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Registration and pictures at 1:30pm Walk at 2:00pm

First Congregational Church 1407 N. 2nd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004

There will be a 1 mile walk or a 3 mile walk. Last year 19 of us walked and had a great time. We raised $1,100. This year we’re hoping to have more walkers and raise even more money! Twenty-five percent of the proceeds goes locally to Food Bank on the Move. If you would like to walk, please see Pam Osgood or Jean Salch for a Donation envelope. If you are unable to walk we hope you will give a donation to one of the walkers. Please make checks payable to CHURCH WORLD SERVICES. Also, our church will be providing the cookies for after the walk. We need to make 200 cookies. If you are willing to bake a couple dozen cookies for us, please let Pam Osgood know. She will have the sign up sheet.

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Coupon books

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Coupon Books The new 2018 books are here. They are active immediately and they are $25 dollars. They do not expire until December 31s, 2018. They make excellent Christmas gifts. Don’t forget to register them online with the Save Around App for double the savings.

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Preschool News

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We all can hardly believe it’s already October. We are having an awesome start to the school year. The kids are adjusting and having a blast. We have a lot of fun things planned for the upcoming months, so keep a look out for information dates….

Shout out to our October Birthdays. Rebecca Camacho, Kamea Elam!! Happy Birthday.

We will be starting our Butter Braid fundraiser beginning on October 9th and end November 1 st . This has always been a successful fundraiser for us. This is the perfect time to order for the holidays. We will be using the funds for learning activities. If you have any questions about the fundraiser please let me know. We will have samples for tasting.

We are having our annual Preschool Family Fall Festival on October 31, 2017. We have a lot of fun things planned for the kids. The kids will dress up in costume and get to go on a HAY RIDE! There will be food drinks game and Trunk & Treat, we ask for everyone to come out and support the kiddos and have some fun. This is a great way for the church and families to come together and support one another. We will have a signup sheet for Volunteers need to help in all areas, All are welcome.

A BIG Thank You to everyone who has donated to the preschool. It has helped in so many was. This really helps keep cost down. Thank you Thank you. Lynn Schell, Mickey Gilsdorf, Shannon, AJ and Cathy Langston for all the donations. Thank you to everyone for your support for our growing preschool.

Best Regards, Sunshine Tinker

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Operation Christmas Child

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Operation Christmas Child The youth of the church are participating in Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes this year. Our goal is to fill 10 boxes for children in need. The youth earned money from the media sale and will go shopping as a group for items needed to fill the boxes. Christian Ed is looking for sponsors to help with sending the boxes as each one must be turned in with a check for $9 to cover the cost of shipping it to a needy child. If you are able to help sponsor a box or help contribute towards the shopping trip please see a member of Christian Ed – Shannon, Sheila, Lisa O, Pam or Rebeka. Please have your donations in as soon as possible, as the boxes need to go out the early part of November.

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Preschool news

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Graduation 2017 is in the books! We have had a great school year and like all good things they must come to an end. But, that doesn’t mean the fun stops there!

Summer camp is on the way. We start summer camp on June 5th. We have a lot of fun things for the kiddos planned.

We are looking for donations of any kind for the summer (snack items, arts & crafts, zip bags, paper plates, napkins etc.).  When you’re at the store, pick up an extra item for the preschooler’s.  Every little bit helps. We hope everyone has a safe and happy summer.

Sunshine Tinker

Preschool Director

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Larry Sather’s Suffering is Over

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Just a little over a month ago during worship, it was announced that Larry Sather was in the hospital with pneumonia.  The next word I heard about Larry, was from Joy Foster from his recent visit with Larry in Hospice, west of El Mirage, near the White Tank Mountains.  Joy has been good to visit our shut ins.  THANK YOU, JOY!  We get busy with our lives and sometimes forget that our shut ins are not able to get out and play football.  Pastor Terry announced in worship April 23rd, that a memorial service is planned for Larry the following Saturday, April 29th.  That told us that Larry is no longer with us.

I visited with Larry’s life partner, Barbara, for so information.  Larry was an insurance agent with four offices in California for 45 years until he got tired of it.  Some agents can handle only one office.  Larry moved to Washington State for a job with Boeing Aircraft in Everett.  He bought a vacation house in Peoria when the Seattle Mariners started spring training in Peoria.  Does that tell you Larry was a Mariner’s Fan?  Finally, Larry came to Peoria as a permanent resident. 

Once upon a time he got on the internet and met Barbara and asked her for a date.  She accepted and “they lived happily ever after”.

I visited with Larry and Barbara a few times at coffee hour.  I thought we were done talking and got up to leave.  “SIT DOWN, Larry said and the visit continued.  He just wanted to talk.  He was a quiet man until you got him started talking.  I just sat down and let him talk.  He was interesting to talk listen to.

Finally, that terrible disease, Alzheimer’s had set in.   As with most people, the memory fades which brought on depression with Larry.  I told Barbara at least Larry did not suffer with the pain of cancer and etc.

Larry and Barbara joined our church family as members on February 24, 2013, and held down the second pew on the north side with grandson, Kaiden.  If the pew was empty, we knew something was wrong.

We will miss Larry’s smooth head and his quiet manner, except when you got him started talking.

Barbara’s sister, Jane was here for support for Barbara.  She came all the way from Massachusetts. 


For the church family,

Ken Johnson   

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