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HART Pantry

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We appreciate all of the help that the donations to our monthly food bins provide. Wishing that HART PANTRY and our donors may provide a better life for the At-Risk teens in the new year. Thank you for your support.

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Annual Congregational meeting

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The Annual of the Congregation was held after worship January 27th in the sanctuary. Thee was a good attendance which was appreciated.

Elder Seth O’Kelly presented the following names for nomination to the office of Deacon; Pam Osgood, Carol Spiegelhoff, and Marilyn McKinney for a three year term and Megan McBride for a one year term. Marilyn and Megan

became members of P.P.C. December 23rd and are ordained Deacons from the Glen Shaw Valley Presbyterian Church in Glen Shaw, Pennsylvania. When they joined I told them they needed to get “their feet wet” before we put them to work. Before the meeting today, we needed two Deacons for nomination so I asked Marilyn and Megan if they were willing to serve. “Yes, I would be willing to serve.” You folks do not know how happy I was (am) with a response from the “new kids on the block”.

Going off of the Deacons is Joy Foster after serving the maximum tern of six years then one must be off for one year. Ruth Langford has one more year left of the three year term but finds it necessary to resign. Pam and Carol have served three years and are eligible to serve three more years. A huge Thank You to Joy, Ruth, Carol, and Pam for their service as a Deacon at P.P.C.

Elected to office of Ruling Elder all for a three year term were Donna Davis, Shannon Langston, and Seth O’Kelly. Donna Davis has been off for one year. Shannon and Keith are reelected for another three years. Also a huge Thank You to Donna, Shannon, and Seth for their service as an Elder at P.P.C.

Elected from the congregation at large to serve on the 2019 church nominating committee were Pat Powles and Sheila Kyer. An Elder and a Deacon will be selected to also serve. And a huge Thank You to Pat and Sheila for their service at P.P.C.

Since the church is incorporated, we are required to have a Board of Trustees per the Arizona Corporation Commission. The members of Session also serve as Trustees for P.P.C. The work load is still the same as serving on Session but to make it legal for the State of Arizona, we have Trustees.

The annual meeting today is the only meeting of the congregation that anyone can bring up any concern of the church. At a special meeting of the congregation only items on the agenda may be discussed. A few items were brought up in the life of the church but required no action.

The 2019 budget and the financial report were discussed. Session sets the budget, and the discussion was peaceful. I have seen a meeting where the discussion got a little “hot” and would go for maybe a couple of hours.

The church organization’s annual reports were presented and received. The Clerk reported, as of January 1, 2019, membership total is 138. A copy of the reports is on file with the Clerk’s records.

It is required by the State of Arizona and (or) the General Assembly for the church organization’s financial books to be audited annually. The Auditors reported that the organization’s financial book were in good order. Thank you Ethel McCarty, Lisa O’Kelly, Pam Osgood, and Rita McElwain for being our Auditors. It is appreciated.

Today, the meeting went smooth and was done in a good period of time.

Thank you everyone for a good meeting. We were glad you were here.

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Early memories of Peoria Presbyterian

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I wrote in my last article about the founding of our church. Fellowship Hall was built about 1964, before that time the church kitchen was the south half of the back room leading to the restrooms. A wall divided the room with the north half for the pastor’s study and the south half for the kitchen. Worship was in the now north portion of the sanctuary. A curtain closed the worship center from the south portion which served as room for several Sunday School classes on Sunday and the fellowship “hall” once a month for potluck suppers. The tiny kitchen served us well as that was all we had. Any dishes or pans to be cleaned after supper were done in the sink where the men’s restroom door is today. Water was heated on the stove. There was no refrigerator for the potlucks, there was not any leftovers as we cleaned up the good food. For tables there were several wood folding tables that were stored on the edge of a cabinet on the east wall. Not much water was used in the sink and it drained out on the lawn as there were no sewers yet and the outhouse cesspool was not close.

For a program for the evening sometimes there was a traveling missionary that gave a talk. When we arrived at church we could tell if a stranger was in our midst because of a strange old car out front. We knew who owned every car. Or we would get a mission film and would run it on our 16 mil projector.

One supper, a new family came with a covered dish…I do not know why but hardly any food was taken from their dish. My mom worked in the cleanup and I saw the kitchen ladies taking food out of the new people’s dish so they would think that their food was well liked.

On Sunday for worship, I was about ten and the ONLY male in church. Several of the men were farmers and maybe they had irrigation or were just playing hooky. When it came time for the offering, I was asked to handle the offering plates. At that time, I do not remember any time that a lady helped take up offering. Boy, I was about ten feet tall getting to collect the money.

My next article will be “You Presbyterians are Parking Wrong on Madison Street, the Peoria Police Chief”

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Thank You

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Awards by C & L 8273 West Washington St. Peoria, AZ 85345

Awards by C&L

Dear Mr. Craig Carter,

On behalf of our Session and congregation I would like to thank you for your donation of the fifteen memorial plaques.

I understand you were a great friend of our beloved Priscilla Cook. I had the honor of knowing her and officiating at her memorial service.

First Presbyterian Church of Peoria

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Remember our Shut Ins

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Dear Congregation

We have several members that are homebound. Pastor Terry and the deacons keep in touch with them through visits, phone calls and cards. We thought maybe some of you would also like to let them know that they are not forgotten. Here is the list of our homebound members. If you could, please pick one a month and send them a card to let them know they are in your thoughts and prayers. Their addresses are in the directory or you can pick up a complete list at the church.

Thank you,

You Church Deacons

  • Shirley Anderson
  • Cleo Burkett
  • Darlene Walvoord
  • Iris Schaufelberger
  • Leora Evans
  • Bill Champion
  • Pat Fiala
  • Lois Wisdom
  • Jan Whitmoyer
  • Lynn Schell
  • Karen Fulton
  • Joella Ryan
  • Eleanor Hill
  • Edna Sullivan
  • Cheryl Whitman
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Session News

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Shall we start with saving the best news for first. Church treasurer, Donna Davis, reported for the end of 2018, the church finances were in the BLACK. Through a good share of 2018, we were in the red. What a blessing that our Church Family came through in December with its giving. Thank you to all. The 2018 receipts were reported and expenses were reported. Again Donna, thank you for your detailed reports. I get lost during all of her explaining.

The communion date for 2019 were approved by Session.

It was approved to give to the Basic Mission Support project for the Presbytery of Grand Canyon, The Synod of the Southwest, and the General Assembly, our national organization.

The Pastor’s, Deacons’, Treasurer’s, and all committee reports were received.

Ken Johnson

Clerk of Session

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Pastor’s Corner

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First, the facts and figures. One in 10 people age 65 and older (10 percent) has Alzheimer’s or dementia. Almost two-thirds of Americans with Alzheimer’s are women. Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. 16.1 million Americans provide unpaid care for people with Alzheimer’s or other dementias. 1 in 3 seniors dies with Alzheimer’s or another dementia. It kills more than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined.

Now my story. When my mother fell and had to go into a nursing home to recover I rushed home to North Carolina to see her. One of the issues facing her was paying her bills. She had been a successful insurance agent with Nationwide Insurance and was smart and independent. She had never needed help of any kind. I asked her if I could

gather up her bank statements and if we could go over them. As I did, I found out that my mother had sizable investments that she had never told us about. I put everything together, printed it out and brought it to my mother’s room. I showed her the assets and said, “Mom, you have enough money to last until you are 119.” (After all, one of our greatest fears as we age is that we are going to run out of money.)

I left and called her later that day. In the course of that conversation she told me that she was afraid that she didn’t have enough money to pay her medical expenses. With my voice rising I said, “Mother, I just went over this with all of you.” No response on her end….and in a short time I realized the awful fact that she didn’t recall our conversation.

That was the beginning of our growing frustrations with her, our initial inability to come to terms with her memory loss. But over time, we did. As a friend whose wife had Alzheimer’s told us, “You have to meet them where they are because they can’t meet you where you are.”

Here is a poem that speaks to all of us who have or are living with an Alzheimer’s victim.

She’s still my mother, who’s standing there.
It’s still her eyes, her face, her hair.
It’s still her body, but it’s just a shell,
Of the mother that I once knew so well.
She’s still my mother, who looks at me,
Then asks the question, “Who might you be?”
Her memory’s fleeting, her gait is weak.
Loved ones long gone are those she seeks.
She’s still my mother, whose angry words,
Like a sharpened sword, my soul can hurt
She’s still my mother, who shares our home,
This one we dress, whose hair we comb.
She’s still my mother…I know tis true.
And so dear God, I turn to You.
Please give me patience, wisdom, and love,
Til the day that You take her to heaven above.
Let me return…if even through tears,
The love she gave me through all these years.
Though she often thinks that I’m her brother,
I’ll love her yet…she’s still my mother
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We have two new members

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Session met before worship December 23, 2018, to receive into church member- ship Marilyn McKinney by letter of transfer from Desert Palms Presbyterian Church, Sun City West, and her daughter Megan McBride by reaffirmation of faith.

Megan is a former member of Christ Presbyterian Church, Goodyear, Arizona. Christ Church has left the Presbyterian denomination so Megan has been attend- ing Peoria Presbyterian for about a year and is an ordained Deacon from Glen Shaw Presbyterian Church, Glen Shaw, Pennsylvania, and feels at home here at P.P.C. Megan lives in Litchfield Park with her husband Joshua and she has two children ages 12 and 10.

Marilyn is Megan’s mother and lives in Sun City West and is transferring mem- bership from Desert Palms Presbyterian Church, Sun City West. Marilyn is also an Ordained Deacon from Glen Shaw Presbyterian Church, Glen Shaw, Pennsyl- vania about the mid 1080s. I told Marilyn we wanted her to get her “feet wet”

before we approached her for any duties at P.P.C. Marilyn is also a registered nurse which is good for the con- gregation. It has happened where someone in worship had a medical crisis and the RNs present knew what to do. Marilyn loves to sing and when the choir was singing the postlude song I saw Marilyn singing along with us. Thank you Marilyn. Marilyn lives in S.C.W. with her husband Mark.

Marilyn’s sister Mitzi, sits in the pew with Megan and Marilyn so during worship we have M & M & M all in the same row.

Mitzi, Marilyn, and Megan, we are glad you are a part of the P.P.C. Family and a huge welcome from all of us.

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Early facts and memories

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church 1895.jpeg

I am getting my early information from the church’s One Hundred Years anniversary book. There are several books in the office to loan out but not enough to pass out for keeps. If interest in borrowing a book, call the church secretary, Kira Gibson, (623) 979-4682 and make arrangements to borrow a book. Office hours are Tuesday through Friday 9am-12pm. If you have not met Kira, call her even if you do not want a book and get acquainted. She is Super Nice and is a Super Secretary. We are fortunate to have her.

Hiram and Jennie Mann arrived in Phoenix from Kansas by train in 1889 and settled in an abandoned store building in Peoria. After cleaning out the building for the Mann’s home, the building became the first Peoria worchip center and the first Peoria school.


Peoria Presbyterian Church was organized in 1892. The present building was built in 1899 and dedicated February 4, 1900.

Look closely to the rear of the building which is probably an out house.

Drinking water was precious, as the closest well was in Agua (the “g” is silent) Fria six miles away. I am guessing it was near the Agua Fria River which is between Youngtown and El Mirage. Mr. Mann hired two men to hand dig a well thirty feet deep near Grand Avenue and Washington Street for the “town well”. Now the underground water level is several hundred feet deep. This was before irrigation wells were dug and lowered the water level.

Get a book and find out for yourself the rest of the early history.
The south part of the now sanctuary (annex) was built and dedicated in November 1921.

Ken Remembers…

I was born in 1934. My parent bought a farm on now Thunderbird Road and 79th Avenue in 1931. The night of my birth, the town Doctor brought a midwife to the house and charged my parents $15. But 1934 was one of the lean years and money was scarce.

grey-mouseMy first memories of P.P.C. are about 1940. The annex served as our fellowship hall and several Sunday School classes on Sunday. The membership was smaller and worship was in the north portion of the sanctuary. In the cut out portion of the now wall, was a curtain that hung from the top to the floor of the cut out wall. The curtain was always closed during worship or midweek pot luck suppers. Holding the curtain up was a pipe the length of the opening. ( I wrote this before, but this is for you new “kids”.) During worship one Sunday, a mouse had got stuck up on the pipe and could not figure how to get down. He kept running back and forth on the pipe, maybe hoping for an elevator to get down. I do NOT know what the sermon was, but I do know that the mouse was gray and fast. The minister might as well had the benediction early as all eyes were on the mouse.

Today look up on the roof of the building. The chimney is still standing. Fuel was either wood and maybe coal, as there was no gas or electricity in early years.

I did not get into my memories of worship in my yearly years, but watch for them in the CHATTER if interested. If not interest, just flip the page. In the next article hear about the first tiny kitchen and only one faucet above the sink. COLD WATER.

4 Ken Johnson

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Session News

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Possibly the most important item of the future is the Annual Meeting of Congregation to be held at the close of worship on January 27, 2019. I have lost track of time, but I think this will be the first for Kira, our church secretary, to prepare the Annual Report booklet of the different church organizations and committee annual reports. We need to have the report in our hands by Sunday, January 20th. So please get your reports to Kira A.S.A.P. after the 1st or no later than January 10th.

At the December meeting, as usual, Church Treasurer, Donna Davis, had several pages of the treasurer’s report. Then she had the proposed budget for 2019. After discussion, Session approved the 2019 balanced budget. Explanation of the 2019 budget will be in the annual meeting, if needed. Thank you Donna for your detailed report. It is appreciated.

Session approved communion for January 13, 2019. The rest of the 2019 dates is forthcoming at the Session’s next meeting.

The church membership roll was reviewed. A report will be in the clerk’s annual report at the annual meeting.

A service of celebration for the member JoAnn Pennock was held December 10th. Look for a story in this Chatter. Again, the Deacons served a delicious luncheon after the service.

If you want to eat some good cookin’, show up at one of their luncheons. Thank you Deacons for always being there.

The Pastor’s, Deacons’, Treasurer’s, and all committee reports were received. Next Session meeting to be January 14, 2019.

Ken Johnson

Clerk of Session

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