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The volunteers, staff and Board of Directors of HART PANTRY have a busy December ahead of us. First of all, our Christmas program is well underway. We will be providing a Christmas gift bag to 102, number so far, at-risk and homeless teens in the Peoria, Dysart and Glendale school districts. Where ever we live HART PANTRY is likely helping kiddos in the area. We are hoping that the donors who have always been so loyal will again provide the hooded sweatshirt jackets, socks, knit hats, throws, toiletries and gift cards that put smiles on kids’ faces who likely will get nothing more. We are asking the merchants to provide free fast food gift cards for their restaurants; we hope to have donations enough to provide each teen with a $25.00 gift card to WALMART or TARGET to get a new pair of shoes. Gift items and cards can be directly provided to HART or checks for your purpose can be provided and volunteers will do the shopping. Everything has to be in by December 9th so we can wrap and deliver on time.

The new location of HART PANTRY at the Lions Foundation campus is proving to be just wonderful. We have storage for our food, clothing and bikes. There is ample room to pack our 240-250 food bags every week. Come visit us any Thursday morning; we love to show off our quarters.

2017 has been a year of change and growth for HART PANTRY. We have added new Board of Director members; new grant writer/advisor; new Facebook Editor, new volunteers, new warehouse/packing facility and new financial advisor. Growth has been phenomenal with the addition of more schools and a whole new district. WE are constantly looking for new donors as we thank our present donors. Grants, corporate donations, support from the community and of course the support from our churches have been outstanding. We could not begin to meet the needs of the teens in need without all of them.

Thank You and Merry Christmas, Ruth Langford for HART PANTRY

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