How we lost our parking lot and got it back

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One evening Session was meeting and a man entered the meeting. He had a facial feature a little different than some and I believe he was of a group of people that some are hard to deal with in the business world, you figure it out. If I say much more, I get in trouble. His name was Louis Becker. Louis drove an old car that should have been pulling a spare car, so if the front car broke down Louis could get in the spare car and continue on his way. Anyway, again, read between the lines.

Louis had a paper showing that he had purchased the church’s lot. The church was delinquent with a legal matter and the lot went up for sale. The church could buy the lot back for what

Louis paid in the foreclosure sale. Also, Louis wanted a receipt for a donation in the amount of the full cash value of the property. Session did not like his request of the receipt but if we got the lot back, we played by his rules. Some people make their living this way. Remember my description of Louis.

The lot had grown up with tall weeds before it was paved. If a kid wanted to skip church, he could have hid in the weeds and his folks never would have found him until he came out into the open. At this time, we had no church family that came by the lot on Monroe Street (the south of the lot). If they did, the weeds covered the Public Hearing sign. Becker got his information from a government office in Phoenix, went to the hearing, and bought the lot for the delinquent small sum.

Member Roy Christy was the chairman of the Board of Trustees. The church did not have a street mailing address, only a P.O. Box 96. The delinquent notice was sent to Roy Christy 10236 North 83rd Avenue, Peoria. Unable to deliver the notice, it was returned and the lot was sold as abandoned property and Louis took advantage of us.

Later the lot was paved so now we should live Happily Ever After. Over the past years, the church business has not been a fun time but the lot is ours now.

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