I Am Your Church Budget

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Through me, families are launched in marriage, persons are baptized, the young are trained in Christian character.

I provide a Church School and youth activities for children. I provide music to enrich your worship, preaching and pastoral services to help you live more nobly.

I heat and cool your church buildings and try to keep it in repair for your comfort and use. I do your custodial work.

I reach out to your community and country, preaching, teaching and healing in Christ’s name. I help train ministers in seminaries and I provide assistance to those who have retired after years of faith service to God in the church.

It is through me that the sick find spiritual strength, the troubled and discouraged are steadied. I go out into the world, preaching the Gospel in every language.

I carry God’s Word to every race and nation.

I am your church budget. Believe in me, support me, that I may carry on in your name. With your help I make possible all these services. As your budget, I am You at work.

Your contributions are my foundation.

I am your money, your prayer, your concern – -translated into action.

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