Larry Sather’s Suffering is Over

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Just a little over a month ago during worship, it was announced that Larry Sather was in the hospital with pneumonia.  The next word I heard about Larry, was from Joy Foster from his recent visit with Larry in Hospice, west of El Mirage, near the White Tank Mountains.  Joy has been good to visit our shut ins.  THANK YOU, JOY!  We get busy with our lives and sometimes forget that our shut ins are not able to get out and play football.  Pastor Terry announced in worship April 23rd, that a memorial service is planned for Larry the following Saturday, April 29th.  That told us that Larry is no longer with us.

I visited with Larry’s life partner, Barbara, for so information.  Larry was an insurance agent with four offices in California for 45 years until he got tired of it.  Some agents can handle only one office.  Larry moved to Washington State for a job with Boeing Aircraft in Everett.  He bought a vacation house in Peoria when the Seattle Mariners started spring training in Peoria.  Does that tell you Larry was a Mariner’s Fan?  Finally, Larry came to Peoria as a permanent resident. 

Once upon a time he got on the internet and met Barbara and asked her for a date.  She accepted and “they lived happily ever after”.

I visited with Larry and Barbara a few times at coffee hour.  I thought we were done talking and got up to leave.  “SIT DOWN, Larry said and the visit continued.  He just wanted to talk.  He was a quiet man until you got him started talking.  I just sat down and let him talk.  He was interesting to talk listen to.

Finally, that terrible disease, Alzheimer’s had set in.   As with most people, the memory fades which brought on depression with Larry.  I told Barbara at least Larry did not suffer with the pain of cancer and etc.

Larry and Barbara joined our church family as members on February 24, 2013, and held down the second pew on the north side with grandson, Kaiden.  If the pew was empty, we knew something was wrong.

We will miss Larry’s smooth head and his quiet manner, except when you got him started talking.

Barbara’s sister, Jane was here for support for Barbara.  She came all the way from Massachusetts. 


For the church family,

Ken Johnson   

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