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Church Directory Update

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As you are aware, we are in the process of updating our current directory.  Please take a few minutes to verify your name and personal information is in it.  Note any changes that should be made.  If your information is in the directory and you want it or any part removed, please make a note of this.  If your information is not in the directory and you would like it to be, please make a note of this as well.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Katrina Guy.


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The early days

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Peoria Presbyterian Church The early days

In December 1882 three men organized the Arizona Canal Company.  The canal was extended in 1885 bringing water to the Peoria area.  A group of settlers from Peoria, Illinois arrived between 1886 and 1889 among these was the Mann family.  Mrs. Jennie Mann had lived an active Christian life before coming to Peoria, found a lack of any religious services.  She searched her small community to gather its children into her home, and thus formed the nucleus for the First Presbyterian Church Sunday School.  As interest grew, young people and adults were soon attending the classes ably taught by Mrs. Jennie Mann and Mrs. Kate Creath.  As settlers continued to settle on nearby and surrounding land the predominate faith seemed to be Presbyterian.  In 1891 Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Lively, Mrs. Jennie Mann and Mrs. Binney sent a petition to the Presbytery requesting the organization of a Presbyterian Church in Peoria.  On April 10, 1892 the First Presbyterian Church of Peoria came into being.

Mr. W. J. Lively became the ruling Elder and Mr. H.G. Mann and Mr. James Allison were installed as Trustees.  As nearly as can be ascertained the following were Charter members;  Mrs. Jennie Mann, Mrs. Allison, Mr. Jasper Lively, Mrs. James McMillan, Mrs. Binney, Mrs. Emily Lively, Mr. John Creath, Sr., Miss Mary McMillan and Miss. Agnes McMillan.  Visiting ministers were common place until September 1893 when Henry A. Thompson was installed as the first pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Peoria.  Mr. Thompson not only preached at Peoria but also Casa Grande, Arizola, Gila Bend, Wickenburg, and Congress Junction.  It was common place for this parson to have a six-shooter strapped to his hip as he rode or drove from one parish to another as this was still the “wild” west at that time.

On January 4, 1899, DeLoss and Frances Brown deeded Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 in Block 33 to the Peoria Presbyterian Church for the consideration of one dollar.  After meeting in the public school building for seven years the church members were overjoyed with property to build a church home on.  In the spring of 1899 construction began.  The church walls were fifteen feet high of red brick supporting a steep, gabled roof, with a bell tower.  Mr. Howard Bartlett secured the twelve beautiful pointed, stained glass windows.  The sanctuary was 24’ X 36’ and lighted by kerosene lamps hung from brackets attached to the window casings.  Near the close of 1899 the church was completed.  On January 4, 1900, the Rev. J.W. Quay became pastor of seventeen members.  At a public service on Sunday, February 4, 1900 members met to formally dedicate the church.

More to come in later issues.  Larry Cary, Elder

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The Hardwood Floor

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Some of us are aware of a beautiful hardwood floor under the carpet in the sanctuary.  What happened?  Why is it covered up?

Back maybe thirty or forty years ago, our custodians were the Christy family.  I say the family, because Roy and Barbara had six children.  All eight of them made a large cleaning crew.  Their six children were Cynthia, Curtis, Craig, Cathy, Carol, and Carter.  All of the children each had three names and all began with the letter “C”.  So, their initials were C.C.C.  Barbara is still with us in our church family, but at the present, she is in a care facility.  Roy and Cynthia are no longer living.  Cathy attended worship with her mother, Barbara, but I heard she has moved to Alaska.  I saw Carter when I visited Barbara in Freedom Plaza Care Facility this spring.  I do not have any information for the other three children.    

Back to the hardwood floor.  Maybe once a year, the Christy’s would strip the finish, add a new finish and then buff it (shine it).  All the pews had to be moved.  I do not know if they were carried outside or just “stacked up” in one area then moved back and that portion of the floor was done. 

Now, the punch line.  To the best of my knowledge, our custodians have worked solo, since the Christy family custodians.  It is hard for one person to move the pews, strip and finish the floor in time for Sunday worship.  Vacuuming the carpet is much easier for one person to do each week.

I hope Barbara and her children are able to read this.  The few of us here today that were here during the Christy Family Custodian period, thank you for your hard work and dedication to keeping our church buildings beautiful.  You were/are appreciated. 

For and From the P.P.C. Church Family,

We Love You!

Ken Johnson

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Preschool News

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We are so happy to be back in the preschool classrooms again.  We had a great summer program, but love the structure of the school year.  We had a great August and have a lot of new students in our classrooms.  The children really missed all the songs and Bible stories.

This is our month to talk about how beautifully and wonderfully made each of them are.  God created each of us to be exactly who we are and that He knows exactly how many hairs we have on our heads.   

We have a number of families that want very much to have their children in our program but are struggling with the tuition.  If you can see it in your heart to contribute to the scholarship fund it would mean very much to these families.

God bless to everyone who has contributed money and supplies to the preschool.                                                     

Lynn Hawkins

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In Memory of

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On July 19th, we received word of the death of one of our members; Peg Miller.  She passed away at her home the week prior.  Unfortunately, there was not much information provided regarding the circumstances surrounding her death, only that it was unexpected. 

As a member of the P.P.C. family, Peg Miller will be missed.    

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Sewing Circle

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The Sewing Circle will resume on Wednesday, September 21 at 9:30 AM.  This group meets the third and fourth Wednesday of each month at 9:30.  We currently have several projects…

  1. Bags for Jean Charlton’s mission to make mats for the homeless 
  2. Prayer quilts for women and men
  3. Prayer quilts for anyone needing some homemade love.

Please come and join us for fellowship and a very good mission.

Marti Schlagel

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Calling all crafters…

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Heritage Presbyterian Church is holding a fund raiser for HART PANTRY in NOVEMBER at their church. PPC members are invited to donate their items to enhance the size of the FUND RAISER. Hand-crafted and new items are needed for the SILENT AUCTION and CRAFT TABLES. THINK CHRISTMAS!!!! New and gently used items for the “MAKE – ME- AN-OFFER TABLES! Thank you for thinking ahead this summer to support HART as you clean your clutter or spend hot days inside crafting. The BAKED GOODS TABLE is always a hit and last year the folks at PPC offered a wide array of goodies.

Donations from PPC will be picked up at our church by HART PANTRY members and transported to the sale. More information on that later. Of course we hope you will not only donate but participate on the day of the sale. Warm welcome is always made by the folks at Heritage as we keep this very important partnership of these two churches alive to support HART.

Information: Ruth Langford; Carol Spiegelhoff; Brenda Hedt

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Are You a Family Caregiver?

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Are You a Family Caregiver?

Family members often don’t consider themselves to be “caregivers” when they have responsibilities for aging loved ones, and thus don’t seek help.  Yet – receiving guidance and support can help them better care for their loved ones AND themselves.  Are you a caregiver, or do you know someone who is?

If so, Duet cordially invites you to attend their Caregiver Symposium: How to Find Hope While Coping with Stress and Grief, on October 6.  Renowned researcher, author, and psychologist Dr. Pauline Boss will share proven techniques for coping with the losses of care giving and reclaiming hope amidst grief.  A session for family caregivers will take place from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Includes lunch) and a session for professionals and students takes place from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. at Duet, 555 W. Glendale Ave., Phoenix.  Each session is only $20.  To register, visit or call (602) 274-5022.

Meaningful Moments

Do you have an occasional hour or two to spare?  Become a Duet volunteer and make the most of your moments!  Choose from providing rides to medical appointments, to being a visitor, grocery shopper, computer trainer, handyperson, or paperwork helper for an isolated elder.  You could even provide a breather for a family caregiver who needs a break.  To begin, sign up for a volunteer orientation at or 602-574-5022.  Thank you!

Thursday, October 6, 2016


Church of the Beatitudes

555 W Glendale Ave.

Phoenix, AZ  85021

Cost:  $20 per session, RSVP by September 29th

Register online at or call (602) 274-5022

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