Remembering Karen Postma

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wood-man-people-men-largeJohn and Karen Postma would show up to 
P.P.C about the first Sunday of December, from their summer home in Sequim, Washington. 

Karianne and I, along with our children would include them into our family holiday feasts, including an early Christmas breakfast and later that day for Christmas dinner.   These dinner invitations always extended to Easter , Birthday Parties or just a foursome meal.  Karen would ask, ‘What can I bring?”  We told her nothing, just come.  But, she did not listen to us.  Karen was a good cook and especially a good baker.  As I mentioned, she always brought something which was okay with me, because I hoped there would be some leftover, for me.  There usually was, but not for long.  She or they would also bring a floral arrangement for the table.

Shortly before they left for Sequim, last Spring, Karen was diagnosed with cancer.  They were anxious to get home for a cancer treatment center or doctor in Sequim.  Over the past few months, she told us she was trying to do yard work while sitting on a chair and the game that she loved so much, golf, was put on hold.

John called us with the news that we did not want to hear.  Karen passed away on October 21st.  No other information is available at this time.  In November, John and a friend are planning to come to Arizona to clear out their NICE mobile home.

When Karianne and I would travel to Whidbey Island, it was a custom to cross Puget Sound on the ferry and spend the day with John and Karen.  They were such good hosts.  They came to see us in Oak Harbor, on our last trip to Whidbey.

You can tell by my thoughts of how much the whole Johnson family and all of the P.P.C. family loved John and Karen.  They were (John still is) affiliate members here at P.P.C.  An affiliate receives the same love and welcome as a member except has no vote in a  meeting.

Their address in Sequim is in the directory.  John, we love you for being such a good caregiver for Karen.  It will be hard this winter to see the second pew without John and Karen’s smiling faces.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR YEARS WITH US AT P.P.C.

Karen’s pain and suffering is over and she is at peace with our Lord.  Gone from this earth, but Not Forgotten!

With all of our love from the P.P.C. family,

Ken Johnson

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Oh, The Places You Will Go

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coins-currency-investment-insuranceAny of you who have grandchildren will recognize the words above, taken from Dr. Seuss’s remarkable children’s book (although I confess I like it for myself.)

We will be celebrating the 125th anniversary of our church next April.  With apologies to Dr. Seuss I could say, “Oh the places we have been.”  But our best years are ahead, so the places we will go are thrilling.

In our stewardship campaign this November we will emphasize our faith in the future of this church.  Every dollar we give to FPC Peoria is a vote for our future. 

I trust you will give more generously than you’ve ever given before.  A strong stewardship campaign is a compelling sign for those who might be considering a call to be your permanent pastor.

As you might have learned already, this church is in the best financial condition it’s been in for a few years.  We might even end the year in the black, which makes our Session very happy.  Let me just thank all of you who have stepped up to the plate in this interim period and given your time, talent and treasure.   Parting words from Dr. Seuss:

“Congratulations! Today is your day,
You’re off to Great Places!
You’re off and away!
Your mountain is waiting.
So…get on your way.”

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Preschool News

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As we start November, it is the beginning of all the exciting holiday’s.  We have made some changes to our November calendar.  We have decided not to do the Thanksgiving Family Feast, because the staff, have asked for more family time over Thanksgiving.  We made the decision to close on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  All of our parents were on board with this and I have a happy staff.

We are excited to add to our classroom three new children and families.  We welcome Andrea Pompa, Sofia Hadden and Olivia Alvarez. 

We have professional picture day on the 17th.  All children will have their pictures taken in front of our classroom Christmas tree.  This will be a fund raiser for us to help with some scholarship money for some of our families. 

Of course, we are looking forward to Christmas in December and our Christmas musical. 

Thank you for all the church and family support.

God bless,


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The HART PANTRY has increased the number of schools they are aiding to a total of 9 (this includes 3 served by the counselors of our partner, EVE’S PLACE). To accomplish this we are filling approximately 85 weekend food bags and 55 snack/supper bags each Thursday. The need in our area is ever increasing as our state’s economy is continuing to decline. We are seeing teens out of the family, perhaps staying in 4 locations in one week, as parents are struggling in shelters etc. The school personnel are seeing a constant increase in teens with little or no food or supervision.

We have been heartened by the increase in our donor list. We now are working with 5 churches, a LIONS club, Peoria Police Explorers and high school AVID clubs. The AVID clubs are teens helping teens which is just so great.

We have a major Fund Raiser coming up in November. HERITAGE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH is holding their Chili Cook-off on November 13th at their campus on Greenbriar  Lane in Glendale. There are many crafters and bakers in Peoria Presbyterian Church who have stepped up to provide craft items, holiday trims and bake goods for this event. The 2 churches working together are able to offer a wide variety of items for sale and HART PANTRY is the beneficiary.

During the month of November we will also be running our Antique Quilt Raffle. The tickets are $ 5.00 for a chance to win this lovely well preserved circa 1870 cotton quilt. We will have the quilt displayed at Peoria Presbyterian Church on November 20th in the Social Hall. Tickets will be on sale all month; Drawing to be held on December 1, 2016. (A preview flier is included in this newsletter) Tickets can be purchased by contacting Ruth Langford.

I wish to thank ALL of the 17 Peoria Presbyterian Church volunteers for their dedicated service to the PANTRY every Thursday and also during the week as they shop and deliver supplies to the pantry. Darleen Champion comes to the PANTRY every week with cartons of loaves of bread provided to her by the Olive Branch Senior Center. Carol Spiegelhoff haunts the sales at FRYS and purchases for the PANTRY. We order and pick up from United Food Bank in Mesa; Dollar Tree on-line shipping to a local store for pick-up; we use Smart and Final; Sam’s Club and Costco. Never in our dreams did we think HART PANTRY would become what we are now and growing. Marge Vowles makes up hundreds of jelly packets and silverware /napkin kits for the bags. This just names a few of the volunteers that keep us going. We could not function without everyone’s help. Thank you to folks in the congregation who fill the HART PANTRY donation bin each week or provide financial donations to help our teens.

Our WISH LIST for November is:  canned soup, Austin Cracker/cookie packs, Capri Sun and small travel size toiletries.

Thank You for all that you do,

Ruth Langford, HART PANTRY

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Crop Walk 2016

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Thanks to those who came out and walked for the Crop Walk this year and to all those who didn’t walk, but still showed their support.

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Sounds of the Southwest Chorale Concert

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You won’t want to miss this! On Sunday, November 13, at 3PM the Sounds of the Southwest Chorale will be performing in concert in the PPC sanctuary. The concert is free and open to the public. Director Matt Deller, accompanist Eric Fish and 20 singers will perform music from classic composers Mozart, Haydn, and Zingarelli. Several other traditional pieces are on the program, as well as music from contemporary composer Mark Hayes with selections from his Requiem.

There will be a free will offering with the proceeds split between the Sounds of the Southwest Chorale and First Presbyterian Church of Peoria. All donations are tax deductible and benefit the programs of each group.

The Sounds of the Southwest Chorale was formed in 2015 and is under the umbrella of their larger sister choir, the Sounds of the Southwest Singers. This smaller group performs a more classical traditional repertoire leaving the more present-day contemporary style for the Singers’ performances.

Several PPC members are involved with both groups and look forward to sharing this performance with their home congregation. Join the Chorale for an afternoon of pure musical delight!

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Trunk or Treat 2016

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Had a great time with the kids last Saturday with a family friendly Trunk or treat event along with a potluck. Thanks to everyone involved it was a lot of fun.

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