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MORE NEWS: Pastor Terry will have been our Interim Pastor for 2 years this May. When he asked me to do coffee with him back in November or December, I was sure he was going to tell me that he was done and it was time to find our permanent Pastor! But, we talked and Pastor Terry told me he felt a “calling” to continue with us. He was going to go to talk with folks at Presbytery and I asked if I could go with him. At that meeting, I learned that it is possible to extend contracts for an Interim if the church is not ready to pursue a permanent replacement. Mary Lynn Walters from the Committee on Ministry with the Presbytery joined us for our Session meeting in March. Pastor Terry read us his statement requesting that we extend his contract for another year which would include a 60 day notice if either of us (Session or Pastor) wants to terminate the contract. Discussion from Elders included the fact that Pastor Terry has been excellent for our church. He has a gift for preaching that God gave him and we are the lucky recipients. While financially, we have made some progress, we still are not in a place to hire a permanent Pastor which will dramatically increase our Pension dues. We all feel blessed to have Pastor Terry and still need a year or more before we begin the process to hire a permanent Pastor.

So, GOOD NEWS! Pastor Terry’s contract will be renewed until May 2019 when we can re-visit for another extension. He will receive the same salary with the addition of 2 more days off for the year. In May of 2019, we will evaluate our position again.

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