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When Lana was hired as our church secretary in June of 2017, we knew that she would not be with us long, but her skill level outweighed the fact that she would be there temporarily. Our office needed a lot of help. We tasked Lana specifically with cleaning up computer files and cleaning up data in Servant Keeper, our database that has our membership information. She stuck with us through non-working AC units, non-working heat, printer/copier issues, etc. and managed to do all that we asked.

So over the last few weeks, Faye Owens, Pastor, Lana and I have been interviewing replacement candidates for Lana. We probably received about 100 resumes through Craig’s list and Indeed. We attempted to interview probably 10 candidates altogether but at least 3 did not show up. Two candidates were well-qualified and we finally chose Kira Gibson who will start on March 20th. Lana will be training her.

We are very grateful to Lana for her assistance during this process. It was long and tedious but Kira is committed to being with us for the long haul.

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