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The June Session meeting had more discussion than action. Sometimes we just need to talk and sleep on what we talked about.

Elder Shannon Langston has been training to be a Lay Pastor. She is planning to attend a Children’s’ Pastor Conference January 15-17, 2019 in Orlando, Florida. Total cost for the conference, hotel, and air fare is $2,500. Session approved giving Shannon some of the money from P.P.C. account. Other sources may be available for financial help later but any amount would be appreciated if one wants to help. She is representing P.P.C.

Approval was given to put Elders Mickey Gilsdorf and Larry Cary as signers on the VALIC account. The VALIC account is the money from the sale of the church manse about 25 years ago. Our pastor at the time wanted to purchase the house (manse) because upon retirement of a pastor, if they have lived in the church manse during the years of pastoring, they have no house.

The Pastor’s, Deacon’s, and all committee reports were received.

At the May Session meeting, Elder Linda Maxwell volunteered to chair the Memorial and Mission Disbursement Committee. I missed this in the May meeting. Thank you Linda for all you do for P.P.C.

Next Session meeting is July 9, 2018.
Ken Johnson
Clerk of Session

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