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Possibly the most important item of the future is the Annual Meeting of Congregation to be held at the close of worship on January 27, 2019. I have lost track of time, but I think this will be the first for Kira, our church secretary, to prepare the Annual Report booklet of the different church organizations and committee annual reports. We need to have the report in our hands by Sunday, January 20th. So please get your reports to Kira A.S.A.P. after the 1st or no later than January 10th.

At the December meeting, as usual, Church Treasurer, Donna Davis, had several pages of the treasurer’s report. Then she had the proposed budget for 2019. After discussion, Session approved the 2019 balanced budget. Explanation of the 2019 budget will be in the annual meeting, if needed. Thank you Donna for your detailed report. It is appreciated.

Session approved communion for January 13, 2019. The rest of the 2019 dates is forthcoming at the Session’s next meeting.

The church membership roll was reviewed. A report will be in the clerk’s annual report at the annual meeting.

A service of celebration for the member JoAnn Pennock was held December 10th. Look for a story in this Chatter. Again, the Deacons served a delicious luncheon after the service.

If you want to eat some good cookin’, show up at one of their luncheons. Thank you Deacons for always being there.

The Pastor’s, Deacons’, Treasurer’s, and all committee reports were received. Next Session meeting to be January 14, 2019.

Ken Johnson

Clerk of Session

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