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Perhaps the most joyful news from the September 11th, Session meeting, the church is to the good as of August 31st. THANK YOU DONNA DAVIS, OUR CHURCH TREASURER, FOR HER ALWAYS DETAILED REPORT.

The Clerk reported the Session minute book and the member roll book were recently examined by the Presbytery Review of Records Committee and approved with no exceptions. This is done about once a year. Elder O’Kelly was named the chairman of the 2017 church nominating committee. The committee will get busy shortly to seek nominations for Elders to serve on Session, for Deacons, and two from the congregation to serve on the 018 church nominating committee. THANK YOU SETH FOR SAYING YES TO A JOB THAT SOME OF US “RUN” FROM. Serving with Seth are two members fro the congregation and one Deacon.

Session approved of the youth (Christian Ed. Committee) to sell coupon books again this year as a fund raiser. The Christmas Joy Offering is to be observed this year in December. The offering goes to help retired paid Presbyterian workers whose retirement funds do not keep up with today’s inflation.

Future events-youth Christmas pageant December 3rd; December 10th, the Bell Choir will bring us special music; and December 17th is the Chancel Choir’s cantata. Christmas Eve falls on Sunday this year. THERE WILL ONLY BE ONE Christmas Eve SERVICE with communion at 7:00 PM. It is hard to focus on December activities with temperatures in the triple digits at the time of this writing. In a few months one might hear, “Its is freezing this morning, I will be glad when it warms up.”

Kenneth P. Johnson Clerk of Session

Next Session meeting is October 9th at 5:30PM

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