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Maybe I wrote about the Pepper tree some time back. If you read about the downed Pepper tree, skip over this and read better articles. If you have not heard about the Pepper tree, stay tuned.

Back, maybe 15 or 20 years ago, we had a Pepper tree in the church yard in front of the older part of the sanctuary and east of the railing and the flower bed.

I do not know where the name Pepper came from, whether the bark or the leaves were ground up for pepper. As far as I was concerned, the whole tree should have been ground up because it was dirty by constantly dropping leaves and causing me to work on the Sabbath. Sometimes we hear the excuse of working on Sabbath, “The ox got in the ditch”. Well, there was no ditch in the front yard for the tree to fall in but it still fell. Read on.

The Pepper tree was old and rotten to the core. It maybe was a transplant from Adam and Eve’s Garden of Eden.

The time was the first part of April. I happened to pass by the church on a Saturday evening about 9pm. The area had a windstorm earlier in the day and old faithful Pepper tree was not so faithful that day. As a matter of fact, Pepper turned out to be faithless. A majority of old faithful fell onto and broke the railing and covered the walkway to the front door. Even Tarzan would have had trouble to get through the downed timber. Even if Jane was inside waiting for Tarzan to join her for worship.

In April the sun is up by 6am or it is light enough to see. I loaded my gasoline powered chain saw and headed for the “woods”. The chain saw is LOUD. Across the street to the east where the garden plots are today, there were four small apartments. I was busy lumberjacking and a lazy sleepyhead yelled out, “Cut the noise out. We are trying to sleep.” I yelled back, “I need to clear the limbs so people can get to church after while.” The sleepyhead mumbled something. I was finished anyway. I hurried to load my saw, axe, gas, and got in the car before I had two black eyes. I did not dare invite him to worship or else I might have been responsible for his bad language, maybe. Anyway the timber is gone, the rail has been repaired, and the worshippers were able to get to the front door. I made it home in one piece and everyone lived happily ever after, except the sleepyhead across the street.

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