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Session met before worship December 23, 2018, to receive into church member- ship Marilyn McKinney by letter of transfer from Desert Palms Presbyterian Church, Sun City West, and her daughter Megan McBride by reaffirmation of faith.

Megan is a former member of Christ Presbyterian Church, Goodyear, Arizona. Christ Church has left the Presbyterian denomination so Megan has been attend- ing Peoria Presbyterian for about a year and is an ordained Deacon from Glen Shaw Presbyterian Church, Glen Shaw, Pennsylvania, and feels at home here at P.P.C. Megan lives in Litchfield Park with her husband Joshua and she has two children ages 12 and 10.

Marilyn is Megan’s mother and lives in Sun City West and is transferring mem- bership from Desert Palms Presbyterian Church, Sun City West. Marilyn is also an Ordained Deacon from Glen Shaw Presbyterian Church, Glen Shaw, Pennsyl- vania about the mid 1080s. I told Marilyn we wanted her to get her “feet wet”

before we approached her for any duties at P.P.C. Marilyn is also a registered nurse which is good for the con- gregation. It has happened where someone in worship had a medical crisis and the RNs present knew what to do. Marilyn loves to sing and when the choir was singing the postlude song I saw Marilyn singing along with us. Thank you Marilyn. Marilyn lives in S.C.W. with her husband Mark.

Marilyn’s sister Mitzi, sits in the pew with Megan and Marilyn so during worship we have M & M & M all in the same row.

Mitzi, Marilyn, and Megan, we are glad you are a part of the P.P.C. Family and a huge welcome from all of us.

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