What is Per Capita

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Per Capita is a tax on every Presbyterian member. It is used for General Assembly, the Synod, and the Presbytery administrative expenses. The General Assembly is all of the Presbyterian churches in the United States. They Synod of the Southwest is all of the Presbyterian churches in Arizona and New Mexico. The Presbytery of Grand Canyon (ours) is all of the churches in the Phoenix area extending to the New Mexico line to the east, to the California state line to the west and to the Utah state line to the north. Southern Arizona churches are in the de Cristo Presbytery.

Our Church Treasurer, Donna Davis, will send a check in from the General fund to the Presbytery of Grand Canyon to cover this. Per member tax for 2019 is $36.25. If each member is able to pay their tax of $36.25, that will be a big help for the church’s treasury. But if one is unable to pay their tax, the church will cover the amount with no questions asked. We are fortunate that we do not have to go to Jerusalem to pay our tax as was in the Bible days. When paying your Per Capita Tax, mark your footnote “Per Capita Tax”, please. END OF SERMON

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