Kids say the funniest things

A Pastor’s children’s sermon can be a challenge. Pastor Terry, if you give a sermon other from the story book, […]

Session News

For the Chatter Session News…we are saving paper as there is not much news from the May meeting to report. […]

Ida May Castleman Borhauer

The local newspaper had an obituary for Ida Borhauer. Ida’s Harold served our Peoria church as an interim or pulpit […]

I still miss Andy Rooney

Andy Rooney was an American radio and television writer who was best known for his weekly broadcast “A Few Minutes […]

New members

Pastor Terry has conducted a communicants class for several weeks with three teenagers. Session met before worship on April 14th […]

Session News

At the close of the Session meeting an interesting discussion developed about catholic and Catholic. Some people take the word […]

Thanks Mom!

I Timothy 1:3-7 May 12 2019      When I served in Lake Forest I did not always preach a mother’s […]

A Good Day at Fort McDowell

Jump up, click our heels together, and clap your hands, this is NOT a long winded story, It is short […]

Senior Service Award

Larry and Lois Cary Lois has served as a deacon, helped with preparing meals for shut-ins, participated in the sewing […]

Preschool News

I have a hard time accepting that it’s May already! This year has gone by so fast. We have had […]