Christian Education

It’s that time of year when we have our church youth heading up to Montlure Presbyterian Church Camp. This year they’re going up to Pinetop Lakeside to enjoy the cool weather!

Montlure is a special place and ministry for all youth to find and grow their faith in Jesus Christ. The kids get an opportunity to meet and connect with other kids in the same faith to walk alongside the same faith journey.

We cannot thank the church and everyone for all of the support you give each and every year to make sure we can send our kids to camp!

Below is a list of the kids and the dates they’ll be there. If you would, please email encouraging notes to them, they get their “mail” each day at lunchtime!

Email Address: – In the subject line you need to put the kiddo’s first & last name and which camp they are attending.

Example: “Lizzie Langston – Senior High”

Here is the list of kids going, which camp and the dates they’ll be gone:

Junior High = June 23rd – June 28th: Parker O’Kelly

  • Jackson Hein
  • Tommy Langston

Juniors = July 7th – July 11th:

  • Natalie Kyer
  • Ella-Rae Penrod


Shannon and All of Christian Ed