Hello To Our Wonderful Supportive Congregation,

The youth have started sponsoring a 2 year old boy named Lucas from Peru through Compassion International for $45 a month. It provides him with clothing, medical care, nutritional care and transportation to their community center for him and his family where he attends church and other church activities each week, as well as starting to go to preschool.
In order for the kids to raise the money, the free will offering for VBS this summer will go towards this: as well as the kids taking a weekly offering in Sunday school.
This is where you come in- the kids need to earn the money for the offering. If there is anything you need done – from fruit picking, weed pulling, lawn mowing, freezer defrosting, organizing a closet, etc. Please let me know. We have some very talented and energetic kiddos ready to help!

We are super excited to have the kids start going beyond the walls of our church even more and learn more about other cultures and how other countries live. The next step is to go out into our own community to service them too!
You can talk to me at church.
As always, thank you for your support!
Many Blessings,