Kids say the funniest things

A Pastor’s children’s sermon can be a challenge. Pastor Terry, if you give a sermon other from the story book, expect anything.
The P.P.C. Pastor in the 1990s was the Rev. Paul Kohler. Pastor Paul was giving the sermon for the children. I do not remember all of the details, but the sermon theme was about bad people. Out of the blue a little boy interrupted saying, “My Daddy is a policeman and if he sees a bad guy, he will take a rope and lasso him and tie him up”. I do not remember Pastor Paul’s response, but the congregation had a good laugh.
Incident number two. The same place, same time in the service, same lead character but a different boy. The theme of the children’s sermon was to be a good sport, be kind to each other while playing sports, and be a good loser. Matt Spring blurted out, “When we play football, we kick butt”. Again, the congregation roared. I do not remember Pastor Paul’s reaction or comment, but Matt was truthful.