Sermon January 10, 2021


“A Letter to my Grandchildren” 
  Dear Liam and Jayden, Fia & Kady: 

I know you have seen on the news the pictures and videos of rioters storming the capital building of Washington DC this past Wednesday.  I want you to know what I think about that and why it’s important for you to understand.

The rioters who stormed the capital building were angry because they believed that President Trump won the recent presidential election, and that it was stolen from him.    Actually, there has been no credible evidence to support that assertion.   

We have a long-standing tradition in the United States of peaceful protests.  It is one of the hallmarks of our democracy.  Each of us has the opportunity to speak, to march, and to write letters to our representatives expressing our views.  And most important, each of us has a vote to elect representatives in our legislative and executive branches to support our views.

The rioters certainly had a right to express their opinions.  But they did  not have the right to break through police barriers, to storm the capital, and to break into the building, and to occupy our Senate and House chambers.    

In addition,  five people died and pipe bombs were planted at several locations in Washington.

The United States capital isn’t just another beautiful building.  It is the symbol of America, the temple of democracy.  To violate the capital strikes at the heart of our constitution and all we hold dear.  

I want you to know the rioters are a very, very small minority of my fellow citizens.  

I also want you to know that most of the Trump supporters in Washington this past Wednesday were peaceful and did not engage in unlawful actions.  

I want you to know that my friends, neighbors, and fellow church members are appalled at what happened.  

My friends, neighbors, and fellow church members are Republicans, Independents and Democrats. They care deeply and passionately about our country.  They have served in our armed forces; they have been volunteers in all sorts of good causes; they invariably vote.    

They are good people, people I love and admire.  

They want the best for each other and for our country.  They are the true America, the heart and soul of our country.  I can tell you that America is so much better than what you saw on t.v.

As you know I am a Christian.  I follow Jesus Christ and try to live according to his precepts.

Because of that I have always believed  in the best of my fellow citizens.  I try to treat them as I would like to be treated.  I believe in decency, respect, and civil discourse.   

Jesus taught us that love is stronger than hate, that goodness is more powerful than evil, and that right will triumph over wrong. 

These are values which I hold and which your mothers  and fathers hold.  

Although what happened in Washington was unspeakably evil,  it will embolden those of us who love our country and practice our faith to work even harder to bring peace, love and justice to our society.

Love you all so much,