Update from Powder Springs Georgia

Good Morning Pastor Terry,

I enjoy reading about my family in Arizona and hope you will extend my greetings!! I have been attending the Macland Presbyterian Church on and off since last September. There are several members that live in my community and extended the hand of friendship early on. The church and its minister are very similar to my church experiences but with a slight 21st century beat. It faces all the same issues churches are dealing with but Pastor David Jones thinks a bit outside the box, in a positive direction.

I joined the church this past Sunday and you will be receiving a request to transfer of my membership.

I feel a sadness to move on. That little church and its people filled a big space in my life and heart at a time when I needed it.

I send Love and Affection to ALL! Thank you, for all you bring to the Little Church with a Big Heart!!

Karen A.Neely

“Let A Smile Be your Umbrella on a rainy, rainy day!”