E Votional May 6 2020


We have a wonderful group of people on our administrative body, called “The Session” in Presbyterian parlance. They are not contentious; they work hard; they put the good of the church before their own self-interests. They listen–to each other–and occasionally to me!

In my four years here we have never had a divided vote on anything, big or small. That usually comes about because we discuss something until we beat it into the ground and then give up and say “Uncle.”

One of our Elders, who will remain nameless, said this as we were discussing closing the church for March and April. “I hate this vote. I know it’s the right thing to do. But I look forward to coming to church with my family each Sunday more than anything I do in the week.”

I’ve had my obstreperous Sessions, believe you me. When I would come home from Session meetings in Portland I would immediately open a beer, sit down and churn for hours on end. We had people on that Session that could make even Almighty God pull his hair out.

So I’m grateful for Ken, Donna, Seth, Steve, Linda, Shannon, Larry, and Mickey. Drop them a written note or email them. Here’s a list of their emails and addresses.

Steve Burt: mindensburt
Donna Davis: donna.davis924
Mickey Gilsdorf: mickeygilsdorf
Larry Cary: oldcrowcary
Linda Maxwell: lindamaxwell
Seth O’Kelly: AGSHO
Shannon Langston srlangston

Ken Johnson doesn’t have internet so write him. He’s been our Clerk for over 50 years as was his father before him: 7302 W. Thunderbird Rd. Peoria AZ 85381

To change Ken’s parting words at each of our worship services: “Glad I am here.”


Eternal and Gracious God, who has given us ruling elders to guide and govern your church. We pray for Ken, Donna, Seth, Linda, Mickey, Steve, Shannon, and Larry as they lead our church. In their walk of faith and work of ministry grant to them compassion and vision. Give to them gladness and strength, discipline and hope, humility, humor, and courage, and an abiding sense of your presence, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.