Christian Ed News

Hello Our Wonderfully Supportive Congregation,
The youth have begun sponsoring a child through Compassion International. The little boy’s name is Lucas who will be 2 on March 23rd and is from a small village on Peru’s coast line.
Compassion International goes into economically stressed countries to help their children and community. The monthly sponsorship of $45, goes towards clothing, transportation to the Compassion International’s student center, where Lucas attends preschool, attends church and Bible teachings; like VBS this summer, receives healthcare, nutrition, food, etc.
The center staff will also provide vocational training, marriage workshops, counseling, transportation to church and evangelism for Lucas’ parents.
The kids can write to him and send him gifts for his birthday & Christmas.
They are excited, I made a poster with Lucas’ picture and info on it for them to see. It is hanging in Dave’s Room if you’d like to see it.
To pay for the sponsorship, the youth will be doing several things to raise the money:
1) Starting Sunday, April 7th, we will be collecting an offering each week in Sunday school. The kids will have to earn the money themselves by doing something for someone else – above and beyond their regular chores or parents giving them the money.
2) Instead of the free will offering for VBS that goes to the Heifer Project & the HART Pantry, the offering will all go towards the monthly payments for our sponsorship.
The kids will each be given their own set of envelopes to put their money in each week. They will also need to write what they did to earn the money the money for that week’s offering.
Each week one kid from each Sunday school class will collect the offering and lead them in a prayer of hope that the money collected will be used to help Lucas and his family.
This is where you, our congregation, our brothers and sisters in Christ comes in. The kids need ways to earn the money for the offering. If there is anything you need done – from fruit picking, weed pulling, lawn mowing, freezer defrosting, organizing a closet, etc. Please let me know. We have some very talented and energetic kiddos ready to help!
We are super excited to have the kids start going beyond the walls of our church even more and learn more about other cultures and how other countries live. The next step is to go out into our own community to service them too!
You can talk to me at church.
As always, thank you for your support!
Many Blessings,